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The 1000 Islands Nonsuch Association represents about 35 current or past Nonsuch owners. Our members generally sail the eastern end of Lake Ontario, the 1000 Islands and Saint Lawrence River and a subgroup of 3 on the Ottawa River. TINA meets twice a year: a spring dinner in Kingston Ontario, and a sailing event in the summer. You can talk with members on the TINA Nonsuchers Google discussion group using the link below. TINA members can also be contacted via the INA Connections tool using the advance search feature with Regional Associations = TINA and we are in the process of creating a TINA Circle on this website.

TINA Discussion Group

TINA Spring 2016 event

TINA Summer 2016 event



Robert (Bob) Warkentien

Email: RWarkentien@rochester.rr.com


Secretary & Treasurer

Orla Myrfield

Email: myrfield@sympatico.com

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