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 INA Members Forum : Directions for Posting Adverstising to Marketplace
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How to Post to Marketplace   by Thor on 01/22/2013 04:13:42 PM
 Subject : How to Post to Marketplace.. 01/22/2013 04:13:42 PM 
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International Nonsuch Association Advertising – How to Post !

The INA offers an on line Marketplace to help you find a buyer for your Nonsuch or the Nonsuch of your dreams.

Select the “Marketplace Forum” for your “size” (30,26 etc..) of Nonsuch from the list of “forums”.
To create your ad select " New Topic " in the upper left corner the “forum” page.

Insertion Policy:
Please remember the following:
◦ You must be an INA Member and your boat must be a Nonsuch.
◦ Miscellaneous Ads must be for Nonsuch related equipment.
◦ A Want Ad can be placed by a Non-Member for a Nonsuch only. Please contact the webmaster for assistance.
◦ Other Want Ads may be placed by Members only for Nonsuch related items.
◦ A condensed version of your ad submitted to the International Nonsuch Association’s Web Marketplace will appear in two successive issues of Nonsuch Update.

Your ad must as a minimum contain:

◦ Year, size and model ie: 1983 30 Classic
◦ Asking Price in USD or CAD
◦ Location, city and province or state
◦ Contact information, phone number or email address.

Include pictures and more information by adding link to a web site that features your boat.
Pictures may be attached as a file however they will not show in the body of the ad and should be under 200K in size for each image.

Once your ad has been submitted there is a short delay as all ads are moderated. The moderator will publish the ad usually with a day or so.

There are many internet payment scams, check carefully the identity of the buyer to ensure that the payment method is legitimate.

Full, unabridged ads may be posted on the Nonsuch web site. We request that any changes, additions or deletions to the electronic edition be submitted as soon as possible so that we might provide as accurate information as possible. All Submissions are "date-stamped" and will be expire after 12 months in both the "Web Marketplace" and "Update Marketplace".

INA / Provider's Responsibility / Liability:

The International Nonsuch Association, as well as the Site host and Internet provider, reserve the right to include or exclude advertisements at our discretion. We reserve the right to modify or edit ad content for clarity or brevity. While every effort is made to reproduce the original ad as submitted, The International Nonsuch association and the internet provider DO NOT check, or assume any liability for the accuracy of any advertisement, or information contained therein. Transactions which may take place as a result of ads contained herein are solely the responsibility of the parties involved in the transaction, and The International Nonsuch Association, as well as the Internet Provider assume no responsibility - implied or expressed.
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