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International Nonsuch Association
Nonsuch Association
The Nonsuch® is the inspiration of Gordon Fisher, who with yacht designer Mark Ellis, approached George Hinterhoeller to build a comfortable cruising boat. This idea has produced over 950 boats from 22' to 36' that are enjoyed today by sailors of all types. Nonsuches are unique as are the sailors that love them.

The International Nonsuch Association is committed to the enjoyment of Nonsuch class sailboat cruising, racing and general fellowship. It sponsors a biennial International Rendezvous, maintains one-design control for fair and competitive racing within the class, provides unique Nonsuch parts and services enabling INA members to maintain and protect their investment in a high quality yacht. The association encourages and supports participation in our partner Regional Associations who organize events close to where you sail.

The LONA has a new Regional Contact

Suzanne and Chris Cayley have offered to take on this role. They sail SHILLELAGH (N36 #44) and port their Nonsuch at the Oakville Club. They are looking forward to their new role and meeting many of you at the upcoming LONA events.

LONA Rendezvous 2017 is still alive for Aug 25/26!

Suzanne and Chris have made inquiries at the Oakville Club and instead of Aug 26/27, their club is willing and able to accommodate our gathering on Aug 25/26 with a possible dinner arrangement on the evening of Aug 26.  Suzanne and Chris will continue with the planning of this event and will be corresponding with the group as the plans firm up.  In the meantime, mark the date on your calendar and please let them know if you have any ideas on a racing event or other events for this weekend.

June Dinner and Meeting pending

A weeknight dinner in early June, are considering the 8th or 15th of June, at a restaurant (location yet to be determined) is in discussion.  The plan will be to keep things simple by making a reservation at a selected restaurant, send out the invitation to LONA members,  and request RSVP by a determined deadline to confirm the number of attendees.  If you have a restaurant suggestion (needs to be appropriate for a gathering and meeting) you can pass your suggestions on to Suzanne and Chris.


Nonsuch Registry 2017

Our 2017 Registry has been compiled and the electronic versions are posted to the members area (sign in) of the website, Registry menu item.

The print version has been submitted to our publishing company and an update will be posted as to when it is expected to be sent to members who have selected this (default) option for receiving the Registry.

We have continued with some format changes to this year’s Registry with an objective to increase ease of use. The Members list is focused on contact information that will be useful while sailing. The Model and Boat Name lists include all known Nonsuch boats, some 870.

The Members list includes phone and email coordinates. Boat details contain the model, hull and sail numbers. The member’s home port and known regional affiliation round out the information. The list is alphabetic by member name and includes others associated to that member. Where there is no boat information the member currently has no Nonsuch boat

The Model and The Fleet (boat name) lists comprises of all known Nonsuch boats. Where contact information is blank either new owners have not communicated with the INA or new owners have not been identified.

Electronic Versions (4 provided) - login to members' only area of the website

Members 2017 - a PDF spreadsheet (8 1/2 x 14) suitable for viewing and searching using a tablet, laptop, desktop or smart phone.
This document will be updated monthly to reflect changes in our membership.

Nonsuch Registry 2017 booklet - a PDF version of the printed Registry. With a printer capable of providing duplex (double sided) printing this document can be printed as 20 X 8 1/2 x 11 sheets each representing 4 pages of the Registry. These can be folded and stapled to provide the standard  5 1/2 x 8 1/2 Nonsuch Registry 2017 booklet (the same as is being published). 

The Models - a PDF list of all known Nonsuch hull/sail numbers grouped by model. This file will remain static for the year

The Fleet - a PDF list of all known Nonsuch boat names. This file will remain static for the year



2017 Bell's Beer Bayview Mackinac Race

July 22 2017

A suggestion from Robert Wood N30U sail US410

We have four Nonsuch 30’s entered in this year’s 2017 BYC Port Huron / Mackinac Race!
Largo – Champ Glover
Tribute – Matt Wenzler
SaSeaCat – Ed Brost
Glory – Rob Wood
We need three more and we can have our own start!
Please get the word out to anyone else that has expressed an interest.
Most are sailing with a crew of four- three good sailors and a chef.
We are already working on the menu.

Come join us on the race up Lake Huron to Mackinac

For information contact Robert Wood at  

Race website



Update Online
The Spring 2017 issue of Update is now available in the members' area of this website.

Login and pull down the Newsletter menu. Hard copy versions will be in the mail shortly.

Past Issues of Nonsuch Update are now available online.  We continue to scan the remaining issues.

Note that you must be logged in and a member of the INA to view the issues. 

View the UPDATE Index of issues to access past issues.
Issues that are marked "PDF" will have a link to the document in the Topics column.  Note that you can use the search feature on this website to look for a specific topic.  When viewing the index, you can also use your browser's "Find" feature to locate issues which contain specific words in the topic.
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