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The Nonsuch® is the inspiration of Gordon Fisher, who with yacht designer Mark Ellis, approached George Hinterhoeller to build a comfortable cruising boat. This idea has produced over 950 boats from 22' to 36' that are enjoyed today by sailors of all types. Nonsuches are unique as are the sailors that love them.

The International Nonsuch Association is committed to the enjoyment of Nonsuch class sailboat cruising, racing and general fellowship. It sponsors a biennial International Rendezvous, maintains one-design control for fair and competitive racing within the class, provides unique Nonsuch parts and services enabling INA members to maintain and protect their investment in a high quality yacht. The association encourages and supports participation in our partner Regional Associations who organize events close to where you sail.
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Reporting on the TINA Spring Event
April 1, 2017

TINA – kicking off a new sailing season (okay a bit premature) the local Thousand Island Nonsuch Association hosted it’s annual spring dinner in Kingston. For those of us who have attended previously, we know it is an evening that has a great balance of fun, fine food and wine and best of all, a chance to network with like-minded sailors to discuss upcoming summer sailing adventures.

A robust turnout, the restaurant needing to add a few extra seats, more than 35 boat owners, included some new faces, and welcoming back some old sailor souls. Plans are underway for an August get-together, and the crowd excited knowing the sailing season is one day closer….

Report by C. Eedson, photos by D. Bailey


TINA Scotch

Like all family gatherings our Nonsuch events bring on the great stories of friendship and skippers helping each other. At our recent TINA event Dave Bailey shared the following experience and photo.

There is a story behind this photograph.

I blame it all on TINA (Thousand Island Nonsuch Association) member Bill Baxter. The doorway to the Tina annual dinner dining room was congested (some 31 to 35 TINA members) but I caught a familiar face and managed to extend my handshake hand to Bill, who in turn, extended his hand with a bottle of really, really, good unopened bottle of Glenfiddich.  Symbolically the drawing above the photo of the Scotch container was my attempt at drawing Execution Rock Light house; which is what I’ve heard is where you want to go after dinking this stuff.

My hard drive memory at times fools me on the side of spectacular, but only occasionally. Rare, but today was that occasion. The bottle container was familiar! That was unusual since, as of that minute, Scotch was never my drink of choice. Apparently it wasn’t Bills’ either so he was returning the bottle I had given him 5 years ago!

I know that Martin Lennox would have recognized the booty immediately had he and Sue been at the Dinner. I’m glad he wasn’t as a fight may have ensued and although I believe I would have won I have to admit he and Shirley Warkentien contributed a thread of material to this story. I noted the alteration on the canister “TINA Reserve! ………Hummmm….. Now dedicated to the TINA Cruisers 4 o’clock tea party summer 2017.  Thanks Bill I’ll be sure to pass this on….

Five years ago a number of Nonsuchers were exercising our Reciprocal Privileges at one of our most favourite Yacht Clubs, Trident Y.C.  (Bateau Channel St. Lawrence River) and I believe at the time it was Bill’s home Club.

Somehow Bill recognized a half blind Nonsucher stumbling around the beautiful groomed grounds of Trident Y.C. I don’t know if it hit him as much as it would have hit me, if I knew I was standing in the middle of a Trident Y.C. flowerbed. Bill must have recognized this was not likely my style. My wife Annette, an avid gardener would have shot me dead had she seen me. I would not have stood a chance because I would never have seen the pointed end of the gun. Having just returned from the Thousand Islands Annette’s eyes and brain suffered from burnt brain cells accumulated from the quick study on our chart plotter, charts and compass which she had to use to get to Trident from the Islands. None of these instruments for navigation had a chance in hell of being read without glasses. 

Oh yes the glasses.  It was one of those hot days when you are told by the Admiral you must get off the boat into clean water. My body had the ripeness that if bottled, could be used in a war. Obey I did, but with glasses on. Not a good move, dive or swim as I surfaced without them. Bob Jenkins, (NS30 U Good News) was so kind to help me search for my glasses in 9 feet of clear water.  We dove and dove and did nothing but stir up the river bottom. I have no Idea why I was diving. Maybe I was just demonstrating a special kind of stupid that day, as desperation supersedes common sense, as I couldn’t see a thing above water, never mind below water.

Bill Baxter to the rescue. Trident Yacht Club has one and maybe only one disadvantage. For those who want to meet other sailors, the club location is great. If you want to walk to shopping however don’t plan on buying ice. The nearest Shoppers Drug Mart is in a village called Gananoque, (say that three times) at a guess 7 miles or 10 km away and as I have said, too far to walk with a bag of ice. To make a long story shorter; (sort of) after purchasing miscellaneous yet necessary galley replacements (chips and beer) and three pairs of short distance, medium distance and long range off-the-shelf glasses; we expressed our appreciation for the ride to and from Gananoque by presenting Bill with a bottle of Scotch. …….oops

We know Bill appreciated the gesture but the Single Malt Scotch ….ayah not so much, but true to form Bill didn’t say a word. So thanks Bill for prompting the memory and this little ditty…


Walker Bay the well known manufacturer of dinghies, inflatable kayaks and paddle boards has partnered with the International Nonsuch Association and offered special pricing for members of the INA.

INA members can own Walker Bay Products at a 30% discount off the MSRP. If you are looking for a great product at a terrific price check out Walker Bay at www.walkerbay.com/shop/

The ordering process will be similar to the INA Swim Platform program and orders will be taken from now until April 15, 2017. You will receive directions on how to place your order. To place an order, or for more information, please email merchandiseorders@nonsuch.org or call Thor at 810-299-1164.

Walker Bay handles all aspects of shipping to your door throughout Canada and the USA.

The Generation line of products is excluded.  Any products not in the Walker Bay on line store will need to be quoted manually and cannot use the promo code provided as they ship freight as opposed to by standard courier.


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