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ELIS Nonsuch Sailors in a Class of Their Own!

By Bob Cornell


As children and young adults returned to school, Nonsuch sailors enrolled in their own class in and around the Connecticut waters. In the three weeks from August 24 to September 14, four races were held in the area, which had a class solely for Nonsuch entries.

First up was the Leukemia Cup.  On a hot day with little wind, a lot of flies and a long course, two boats persisted to the finish.  STRAY CAT got the gun and HALCYON finished second.  Most importantly, the Nonsuch Class raised $3650 and the event raised over $100,000 for this worthy cause.


Nonsuch Class winner STRAY CAT after rounding the windward mark.     

Photo Courtesy of Mimi Merton


Next up was the Thames Yacht Club’s Commodore’s Trophy race.  Thanks to the great local base at the club and Jack Lombard’s leadership herding additional cats, we had ten Nonsuch entries, which made it the largest class in the fleet.  The weather and wind were great.  Judy Gibbs on the Race Committee helped set a nice course for our class.  The Race Committee wisely hoisted the ‘cat in the hat’ (AP flag) during the first starting sequence, using the short delay to adjust the windward mark after a wind shift.


Photo Courtesy of Matt Popp

CRINGLE, Bob Gibbs’ 33 got the gun, but not by enough to save his time on two of the 30’s. BEARCAT (Jack and Jenny Lombard) won the race and MONTROSE (Bev and Barb Crighton) came in second. The party after was spectacular and all agreed we should do this race every year.  One other huge benefit: This race is the week prior to Fall Off Soundings, which also starts off New London. Those coming from outside the area can leave their boat at the Thames Yacht Club on a mooring until the start of Off Soundings for a very modest charge.  (Thank you TYC!)


BEARCAT crosses BANANAQUIT – that was close!

Photo Courtesy of Matt Popp


Speaking of Off Soundings, WOW!  This was not just a couple of races, it was a happening! Perfect weather, great racing and a new host, the Shelter Island Yacht Club, for the shore parties made the Fall 2013 Off Soundings Series one attendees will use to remind themselves why they love this event so much.  Every skipper knows they may be in for heavy weather with this race, so we really appreciate the perfect conditions that we had, even if the storm year stories are told more frequently under the tent.


BANANAQUIT and BORN TO RUN at committee boat NOR’EASTER's end of the line.

Photo Courtesy of Matt Popp


On day one, New London to Greenport, the current played a big role and separated the men from the boys.  And, yes, I felt like a second grader that day as the experienced in our class took me to school.  Once again CRINGLE got the gun.  After five hours, sixteen and a half minutes the well-sailed 33 finished three minutes ahead of BEARCAT.  After applying handicaps and Off Soundings ‘penalties’, STRAY CAT (Dan Ferrier) won the day. 

Day two again blessed us with a great breeze and provided more tactical opportunities.  For over five hours, BANANAQUIT (Bill Wigglesworth) slugged it out with BEARCAT. BEARCAT earned the gun but with less than a minute between the two, BANANAQUIT won the day based on Off Sounding’s scoring system.  Great job Bill, but please put that 200’ of chain back into your bow!



2013 Off Sounding Fall Series Winners

Bill Wigglesworth 2nd, Jack Lombard 1st and Dan Ferrier 3rd

Photo Courtesy of Matt Popp

In summary, in four Nonsuch Class races, seven different boats finished in the moneyin at least one of the races.  This shows what a competitive class we have.  Also, four boats participated in all four of the races.  We need a couple more Nonsuches to enter the Branford Yacht Club’s Invitational Race in July to get our own class in that race and then, all of a sudden, we have the makings of a regional championship series bookended by the classic Spring and Fall Off Soundings series.

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