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International Nonsuch Association

The Nonsuch® is the inspiration of Gordon Fisher, who with yacht designer Mark Ellis, approached George Hinterhoeller to build a comfortable cruising boat. This idea has produced over 950 boats from 22' to 36' that are enjoyed today by sailors of all types. Nonsuches are unique as are the sailors that love them.


The International Nonsuch Association is committed to the enjoyment of Nonsuch class sailboat cruising, racing and general fellowship. It sponsors a biennial International Rendezvous, maintains one-design control for fair and competitive racing within the class, provides unique Nonsuch parts and services enabling INA members to maintain and protect their investment in a high quality yacht. The association encourages and supports participation in our partner Regional Associations who organize events close to where you sail.

CRINGLE 2015 ECSA Nonsuch Class Winner!
Bob Gibbs (right) owner of CRINGLE (Nonsuch 33 # 44) and crewmember Eric Jones (left) hold trophies at the Eastern Connecticut Sailing Association (ECSA) Annual Awards Banquet, which was held on November 14, 2015 at Pine Orchard Yacht and Country Club.  After many years of having Nonsuches race and be scored with other PHRF boats, the ECSA has created a division just for Nonsuches. We are honored to be the only such class.  CRINGLE handily won the division with five first place finishes and one second place finish in the six ECSA events in which they competed. Congratulations to Bob on a very impressive year!
Nonsuch Jewellery is Back!
2015 Fall Off Soundings
2015 Fall Offsoundings!
Congratulations go to Barbara Melanson, Bill Wigglesworth and Steve Bosco. 
Also, kudos to the crews of all ten Nonsuches who made this event so much fun.
Past Issues of Update Are Now Available Online
68 of 106 past Issues of Nonsuch Update are now available online.  We continue to scan the remaining issues. Note that you must be logged in and a member of the INA to view the issues. 
To see the index of all past Update Issues click: Index to Update Issues
Issues that are marked "PDF" will have a link to the document in the Topics column.  Note that you can use the search feature on this website to look for a specific topic.  When viewing the index, you can also use your browser's "Find" feature to locate issues which contain specific words in the topic.  Special thanks to Bill Spencer, Ted Eedson and Bob Cornell for the many hours they put in to make this available to our members.
Nonsuch Class
Bob Cornell HALCYON 3rd, Joe Carroll JUDITH MARIE 1st and Bill Wigglesworth BANANAQUIT 2nd
2015 Connecticut Leukemia Cup
Congratulations to Joe Carroll (center) and his crew on JUDITH MARIE. Joe won the Nonsuch Class in this year's Connecticut Leukemia Cup by winning both races in wonderfull conditions. Joe went south for more wind while HACLYON (Bob Cornell on left) and BANANAQUIT (Bill Wigglesworth on right) battled back and forth on the right side of the course hoping in vein to catch some relief from a strong ebbing current. Both finished with five points and Bill earned second place on the tiebreaker, while Bob finished third.  This racing was for a great cause and the Nonsuchery at the parties was incredibly fun.  Once again, the Nonsuch community showed that it is in a class of its own.



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